Friday, April 8, 2016

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My opinion on Cruises=Yay or Nay?

Oh how great life is on the open sea, being on a cruise for a week in the Caribbean, indulging oneself in as many appetizer, dinner, and dessert dishes as one likes, tanning and swimming all day, exploring a variety of sights in so little time.

For many people going on a cruise is a perfect vacation. Many go on them every year, twice a year, three times a year... but does 'cruisin' (as the pro's call it) live up to all its hype? I was ready to find out.

This past week I went on a 7 day cruise with my dad, sister, and my sisters friend to the Caribbean. We went with Costa Cruises on their ship the Costa Fortuna. We departed from Fort Lauderdale Florida, and had stops in Cozumel Mexico, Grand Cayman Cayman Islands, Ochos Rios Jamaica, and Nassau Bahamas. We had two days where we were 'on board' for the whole day. My spoiled little  17 year old sister (j.k ;) ) has been on three cruises this year. In all of her wise years she has been on a total of 4. She is definitely a 'cruiser' and after all this build up I was wondering if I would be converted after the trip as well. However, based on my past travel experiences I was skeptical- and although I am very grateful for being taken on this trip and had a lovely time- I can't say that I would rush to book another cruise again.

Cruises are best for families and seniors. At least that is what made up the majority of my ship... I failed to find many people my age on board unless they were working on the ship. I have a feeling that those other 20-somethings seeking beach and fun just go and get hammered on all inclusive resorts in Cancun instead.

For many people a cruise is perfect- you get to see a number of destinations in a short amount of time, there is variety, shows, activities, pools, dancing, casinos, and fun to be had on the ship. You can eat as much as  you want at virtually any hour. You have a person to take care of your room.. to clean up after your every mess - and to do it with a smile- "the professional smile" :-) A cruise is a wonderful vacation for many..

However, those who want to experience real travel will not find it on board. (Which is obvious to begin with isn't it?)

I didn't like how we had only 5.5 hours in some locations.. Running off the ship like a herd of sheep, hoping not to get ripped off by all the locals (but you will be because you are just a dumb tourist lol), and enjoy the beach/sights for a couple hours. Clearly no one is going to experience "real culture" here... Can you really say you experienced Jamaica after 6 hours? No.. you can't.

On the other hand there is nothing wrong with just wanting to lay on the beach and be waited upon.. But I would rather just stick to an all inclusive then.. just because I'd rather just stay in one place if the visits are going to be so short.

Once you get back on the ship, the entertainment definitely caters to an "older" crowd. Anyone want to play BINGO at 3pm? Bridge at 4pm? Come on now.. I'm 22 I just want to smoke a joint with a Rastafarian. (JK.. but I think you get my point).

Also, Cruises seem to be CHEEEEEEEESE overload. From the shows, the people, etc.. I don't know.. I guess I just prefer people to be grumpier.. like me hah- just kidding. In addition, while many of the people I talked to were lovely some of the other cruise ship passengers were just ridiculous. Wining over everything.. it reminded me of an article that Keith posted a link to on here about cruises turning individuals into spoiled rotten brats. It definitely does do this for some. I definitely developed a greater understanding as to why some foreigners who live/work on the cruises/cruise ports probably hate us. Haha.

OK I know I sound a little harsh- but this is just my opinion. I really did enjoy myself... the ports were beautiful, service was good, cruise ship was nice, and I enjoyed spending the time with my family and friends. I am super grateful to my wonderful Daddy who took me on the cruise. That being said- I would not rush back to book a cruise again, and if I want the relaxing, lay on the beach, eat and drink till your hearts desire sort of vacation- I'd rather do all inclusive.